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4/23/08 09:34 pm - So,

Today was interesting. There was a career fair on campus and I met an FBI agent who had a booth trying to recruit people. I think the FBI is really cool. Yes, I know my sudden interest in the FBI might have something to do with my new obsession with the X-files, but there is nothing wrong with obsessions. Besides, its not hard to see why one could get obsessed with that show so quick. Mulder is hot. And cool. And he reminds me of my man. 
      But I was just thinking about why I love history so much and I think what is really cool about it is that everything has a history. So when I get my sudden obsessions, I can always manage to incorporate them into my study of history. For instance, take the FBI. Why do I like the FBI? because I like the X-files. And what can I do about it? I can study the history of the FBI. Yup. And in that way I am able to lump all of my obsessions together into the one thing I plan to make a career out of: history, which, in all honesty, is my one most passionate obsession.
     And I thank God for the creation of DVD sets. Because I go to sleep every night with my complete star rek TNG, DS9, and voyager star trek sets (which took years to complete) and my growing CSI collection sitting nice and pretty on my head board. and I can often sneak into my boyfriend's room and steal his X-files DVD's when ever I need a Mulder fix. The world never looked so perfect.
      On a more reality note, I will be moving to San Francisco in only a few weeks now. I am overflowing with excitement. You see, then, my life will truely be complete. I will live in one of my other obsessions: San Francisco. I will have my man. I will be living with one of my good friends. And I will be studying history for the rest of my life. Life is finally starting to go in the right direction.

4/20/08 01:28 pm - new here

Hello, I'm new here. I am also kind of new to X-files. I love it though. My boyfriend got the entire series for christmas and we have been watching since january. We just finished the series and I honestly have to say I got hooked very fast. Its an awesome show. Anyway, just looking to make some friends since I am also new to live journal.

4/20/08 11:57 am - I have returned

  Okay so I know I haven't posted in forever, but I am going to be better, i promise. It doens't help that I have no friends on here, I figure, why post? no one is going to read it. But I just joined a whole bunch of communities and even started one of my own, so hopefully I can get things rolling on here.

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